The Handbook
The “KIT” handbook is a collection of tips and diagrams that answers many decorating FAQs including:
• What size chandelier would work best in my living room?
• How many gallons of paint will I need for my room?
• What’s the best way to hang a grouping of pictures, and how high should they be?
• Which window treatment would work best for my type of window?
• What’s the best way to arrange furniture in my small den?

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The Portfolio
This is where your personal style comes in. The portfolio will turn into a portable version of your home as you fill in the floor plans and collect samples of your decor options, receipts and information on pending orders and deliveries. It is certain to help you save time and money, build confidence in decision making and communicate your decorating desires and ideas.

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• Where to begin
• Surviving Small Spaces
• Flooring
• Use of Color
• Window Treatments
• Lighting
• Measurements and Calculations
• Working with Contractors
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