About Us!

We are Dal Publishing, LLC, the company that produces the "Keeping It Together (KIT)". We are passionate about what we do, believing we are able to bring forth quality products our customers feel good about.

As a first-time homeowner I had several empty rooms, a heap of ideas and too many paint, fabric and wallpaper samples to count. As both time and decorating needs progressed, any organization went downhill. Soon, I couldn’t keep track of my ideas and my samples outgrew the zip-lock bag I stored them in. I needed a complete home decorating/organization system, so over time I created “Keeping It Together (KIT)". ~ Debra Livelli, AUTHOR

Our Commitment
At DAL Publishing, LLC, it is our commitment and dedication to provide ultimate products and exceptional service by helping customers with their needs. A client's satisfaction is our definition of success.


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