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It is here that you can purchase your complete resource guide for planning, organizing, and storing your room by room transformation. The Keeping It Together (K.I.T.) is a book that’s a complete home decorating/organizational system which includes a handbook and portfolio. It is packaged together in a high quality, sturdy and durable casemate binder. The Keeping It Together (K.I.T.) is sure to make an everlasting impression as a great housewarming and closing gift.

Top 5 reasons to decorate with “KIT”
• It’s portability allows you to flip through your floor plans and view numerous rooms at once.
• No more guessing if an item will work in your room. By having all your samples with you in a zippered pouch, you’ll know instantly.
• It makes color coordination and comparison easy
• Once your room is complete you’ll have a permanent record of items ordered, paint colors used and other information pertaining
to that room.

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